Who are we?

Who are we?

We guide and mediate for people going for dental treatment in Turkey.Going abroad for treatment is not easy for many people. Withour support and individual guidance, before, during and after treatment, it goes much smoother. Our dentist is based in Antalya where we have a new laboratory. The advantage of going for treatment through our team is, of course, the price difference and also the time savings.

All materials used in the clinics have CE certificates. The same high-quality materials are used in the clinics as in Great Britain, Germany, Switzerland, Japan and the US. All dentists hold doctoral degrees in expertise and have thorough knowledge of the latest techniques. Measurements are taken there and therefore customers only need to book 5 to 7 days of travel.

Located on the Turkish Riviera, Antalya possesses a beautiful, wide beach that gradually merges into the steep Lycian Mountains. Due to its favourable location, Antalya has a subtropical climate and all kinds of fruits grow there in abundance. Unique are the beautifully landscaped parks from which there are breathtaking views of the azure blue Mediterranean and the Taurus Mountains. Antalya is a big draw for tourists also from Belgium and the Netherlands. In this city, you can perfectly combine an unforgettable holiday with a dental treatment.

Low prices

Dental Care Turkey offers cosmetic dental surgery combined with a nice holiday in the beautiful holiday country of Turkey. You can save a lot of money compared to treatments in other European countries such as Great Britain, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands. The price of treatment is naturally determined after your initial examination. Very cheap to the dentist in Turkiye.

Comparable to the Dutch and Belgian dentist 70 to 75% cheaper, a very proffesional clinic in antalya with the best dentists will take care of you there, Tandzorg Turkije can mediate for you, guide you what you want to have done, we will ask for a global quote and mail it to you. These are the prices Turkish people pay. You can't get better or cheaper anywhere. Combine your holiday with the restoration of your teeth, the price of a crown includes collection and delivery from the hotel to the clinic and vice versa.

Implants and bone grafting are also done there, mail us what you might want to have done, we will give you a rough price, a date when you could have it done, this is often possible at short notice because we work with a team of 16 dentists, you will be picked up for a meeting and a price quote, you can still change or decide anything at that time. Of course, we ourselves have good experiences with the clinic and the very driven dentists. We mediate and guide and can arrange the appointments, the dentist in Analya is otherwise only liable for a 5-year guarantee, we also give a 5-year guarantee and aftercare on the crowns and 10 years on the implants that are not in order. What we have had done so far has all been perfunctory.

In short, one does not return home without complete satisfaction.

Why choose Toothcare Turkey?

  • Pick-up service to and from the airport and transport between the hotel and the clinic are included
  • 24-hour patient support
  • Free X-rays and free initial consultation with an expert
  • Recovering in a luxury hotel
  • Free aftercare during your stay
  • Efficient service, immediate treatment, no waiting lists
  • Quick and committed help where needed
  • Outstanding quality in service
  • Low cost
  • Assurance that dental holidays are committed to putting you at ease and putting your health and satisfaction first
  • Tandzorg Turkije streeft naar uitmuntendheid in de gebitsverzorging

Moreover, you will be informed by telephone, e-mail or post before your departure. We provide all transport between your hotel and the dentist. We also provide a bilingual attendant during the treatment. You can reach us continuously during your stay in the country of your choice. Treatment is preceded by a residency diagnosis and starts only after agreement on treatment plan and quotation.

Best Experience

Very good experience throughout our trip

Zeer goede ervaring in onze hele trip naar Tandzorg Antalya. Eerst werden we opgehaald door hun VIP taxi en veilig in onze hotel afgezet. Nadien was onze ervaring bij Duygu gewoonweg super. Alles verliep heel vlotjes en professioneel. Wij zijn super tevreden van onze resultaat en raden het iedereen aan! Niet twijfelen, gewoon doen

Very friendly team

Heel vriendelijk team, vlotte communicatie met Abdil gehad, zo vriendelijk zie je ze de dag van vandaag niet meer! Nadien, verder geholpen door Duygu, en daar zet de trend zich gewoon verder! Van A tot Z word je begeleid door een TOP TEAM!

Great experience

Great experience, did not hesitate for a second and just jumped into the deep end. Wonderful service and very customer friendly. I highly recommend this for anyone who needs that little extra motivation.

A really good service,info very...

Een echte goeie service,info zeer hygiënisch en vriendelijk niet twijfelen voor een beslissing gewoon doen…..en u wordt zeer goed geholpen 👌👌

Excellent Service and Quality

Excellent Service and Quality! Happy from the result! We were very well taken care of, very hygienic and professional! definitely recommended! Duygu did a great job! Keep going 🙏🏼


Get in touch

You can always contact us if you have any questions/problems. Our knowledgeable team members will answer your queries to your satisfaction.

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