Zirconium Crowns in Turkey

Why are Zirconium Crowns Done?

Zirconium crowns in Turkey have numerous advantages. These crowns are made of zirconium dioxide, an extremely strong and durable material. The main reason for choosing zirconium is its aesthetic quality. Zirconium crowns have a transparency similar to natural teeth, giving them a very natural look. 

They are also biocompatible, meaning they rarely cause allergic reactions and blend well with the gums and the rest of the mouth. Another advantage of zirconium crowns is their strength and durability, making them suitable for both front and back teeth. In Turkey, these crowns are often offered at competitive prices without sacrificing quality, making them a popular choice for local patients and medical tourists alike.

In what cases is zirconium crown treatment performed?

Zirconium crown treatment is performed in various cases, such as:

  • Damaged Teeth:For teeth damaged by tooth decay or trauma, zirconia crowns offer a strong and durable restoration.
  • Esthetic Enhancement:For patients looking to enhance their smiles, zirconia crowns offer a natural look due to their colour and transparency.
  • Replacing Old Crowns: Zirconium crowns are a good option for replacing old or worn-out crowns, especially if one wants a more aesthetically pleasing alternative.
  • After Root Canal Treatment:After root canal treatment, zirconium crowns can be used to protect and strengthen the weakened tooth.
  • Large Fillings:For teeth with large fillings where the structure of the tooth is weakened, zirconia crowns can provide additional support and protection.

How Do You Make Zirconium Crowns in Turkey?

Making zirconium crowns in Turkey follows a specific process. First, a dentist assesses the condition of the teeth and determines whether a zirconium crown is suitable. Next, the tooth to be treated is prepared, removing any old fillings and shaping the tooth to accommodate the crown. 

An impression of the tooth is taken, which serves as the basis for designing the crown. This impression is sent to a dental laboratory where the zirconium crown is manufactured using computer-controlled technology. This ensures an accurate fit and a natural-looking result. After fabrication, the crown is fitted and confirmed. Turkish dentists are known for their expertise in working with zirconium, so patients can expect high-quality and aesthetically pleasing results.

Why Should You Get Zirconium Crowns in Turkey?

Zirconium crowns in Turkey are a good choice for several reasons:

  • Quality:Turkey is known for its advanced dental technologies and highly qualified dentists, resulting in high-quality zirconium crowns.
  • Cost savings:The cost of zirconium crowns in Turkey is often significantly lower than in many other countries, without sacrificing quality.
  • Esthetics:Zirconium crowns offer a natural look that matches the colour of the surrounding teeth well.
  • Durability:Zirconium is a very strong material, making these crowns ideal for long-term use.
  • Biocompatibility:Zirconium crowns rarely cause allergic reactions, making them suitable for almost everyone.
  • Medical Tourism:The combination of medical treatment with enjoying the culture and sights of Turkey makes it an attractive destination for dental care.

Crowns Turkey Price

The prices of zirconium crowns in Turkey depend on several factors, but in general, Turkey is known to offer attractive prices for dental treatments. The exact price of a zirconium crown can vary depending on the complexity of the individual treatment, the materials used and the patient's specific requirements. Despite these variables, the cost of zirconium crowns in Turkey is generally lower than in many western countries, while the quality of care remains high. 

This combination of affordability and quality makes Turkey a popular destination for dental care, especially for zirconium crowns. Patients considering zirconium crowns in Turkey are advised to research different clinics and dentists beforehand to get a good idea of the expected costs and quality offered.

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